Olovy is the online destination to securely transact for all technology needs. Olovy is designed to provide information and opportunities to service providers, consumers, startups, trainers and career aspirants.
Discover the new way to hassle-free, predictable and profitable business transactions to meet your technology needs. Engage with proven, leading technology service providers in multiple categories.
  • 3D Printing
  • AI
  • AR
  • Blockchain
  • BPM
  • Data Analytics
  • IoT, ML
  • Mobility
  • Robotics
  • RPA
  • BFSI
  • Certification
  • Design and Digital
  • HR and LMS
  • Info Security
  • ITSM
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality
  • Risk Assesment
  • Supply chain
  • Testing


Technology Service provider

We offer programs to improve the capability, calibre and credibility of technology services providers.

Technology Consumer

We aim to provide choice, convenience and competitive edge to consumers.
Olovy services extend beyond mere collection of technology suppliers in a single website. Our B2B interactions, campaigns and meets enrich the quality of exchanges between service providers and technology consumers. When you engage us, we work towards timely & quality delivery. The onus of ensuring your delight is entirely on us.

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about."

Margaret J. Wheatley

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Racenext Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • 3D Printing, Blockchain, IoT
  • Consulting, Training, Projects
  • Tier 1 Corporate Consumers
  • 5X growth year on year
Arvind Prabhu

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