Partner Concerns

Business partner, entrepreneur or freelancer, how many times have you experienced one or more of these concerns?
" My business is not attracting meaningful enquiries. "
" Should I cut down on my sales team or hire better people? "
" Commercial negotiations often end up with me as the loser. "
" Payment collection is a nightmare. "
" My customers often ask for services that I do not offer. "
" HELP!!! payment collection, marketing, accounting, documentation. "
" Am working too hard; hardly any time for family and friends "

Who can be a partner

You need not be a technology expert. With an open mind and an honest approach, we are confident that you can easily become a business development partner if you satisfy the following criteria. Legally eligible to enter into contracts as per The Companies Act of India
Passionate, patient, persistent and presentable
English speaking desirable

Partner benefits

Turn your ideas into profitable offerings
Brand representation
Deliver diverse value propositions
Unlimited growth opportunities

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of it self!

-Henry Ford

We are inviting business development partners across India. Big commercial incentives await you.

Earn through enrolments
Earn through advertisements
Earn with blogs
Earn with projects
Earn with training programs
Earn with networking

Checklist for enrolment

  1. Professional profile
    Name, company, designation, photo, Email ID, mobile, Edu + Professional
  2. Copy of
    PAN, Aadhaar, GST, cancelled cheque

Partner enrolment kit

Partner's Code of Honor

"I promise to do all that it takes to
Fulfill requirements of technology consumers
Build capability and credibility for technology service providers
Create productive opportunities for people in technology areas
... and conduct transactions in a complaint, dignified, honest and transparent manner."
Olovy has formal agreements with independent Business Development Partners across India, who are enable to enroll service providers.

Easy to enrol